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    Hi everyone! I have a female 7 month old beagle called Mia who is absolutely the best dog I have ever owned! We brought her from a breeder locally who was recommended to us by a friend who brought beagles in the past from the breeder. We choose the runt of the litter. She was so small compared to her bigger, fatter siblings but she had a lot of power and was not shy! Now, a few months have past and when taking Mia out and about, walking etc, many people say "ohh beagle cross with what breed?" I say she is a pure breed beagle and they look at Mia and say "ohh, she is quite tall for a beagle". I went home, did some googling and found out that there are two recognised sizes- 13-15 inch and then 15-16 inch at the shoulders. Does anyone know of this actually, have had beagels who are pure breed but have been taller or the usual shorter size?
    Any help, ideas etc you may have would be great! Thanks

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    Australian National Kennel Council

    that's the official Australian standard - 33cm to 40cm, and females are usually shorter than males.

    There are so many cross breeds with fancy names these days that many people cannot recognise a pedigree poodle when they see one. It's getting like that with beagles too.

    It's fairly common for a puppy in a litter to not conform to the breed standard - especially if the breeder is not following the ANKC guide lines (ie pedigree is not the same as purebred). If the breeder is an ANKC breeder they may choose to put the puppy on "limited register" ie no breeding from her, and desex the puppy as well - some places (eg RSPCA and AWL) do this as young as 8 weeks. Desexing this young affects how the puppy grows. It's often taller and narrower than one that is desexed at 6 months or older.

    As for people commenting on breed and etc - you've got a lot of choices in how you respond. I used to make up some outrageous answers when asked what breed my dog is (she's a blue speckled red bellied farm dog bitsa). Otherwise you can say - as far as you know, she's all beagle. Or you can make up a breed. eg the Short beagle.