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Thread: wanted a teacup pomeranian puppy

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    Default wanted a teacup pomeranian puppy

    Hi I live on the Gold Coast Queensland and I am wanting to buy a teacup pomeranian puppy, if you can help me please message me, and or give me your mobile number

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    there is no such thing as a tea cup. Considering the health problems tiny breeds can have anyway go to a good registered breeder and get a normal sized pom. They're a tiny dog anyway

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    Yep, teacup puppies are just another marketing tool to sell small puppies. Generally people who breed for a smaller size don't have very healthy puppies at all. If you do some research on the teacup dog/puppy myth you may be surprised at the issues you can have. It's best to find a reputable Pomeranian breeder and get a healthy puppy. Dont be fooled into paying more for a "special teacup" puppy because they don't exist!

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    What they said

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    Pomeranians in Australia |

    That's a link to everything Pomeranian in Oz. Including Teacup Poms (ie there is no such thing).

    You want to catch up with the breed club and breeders in your state. The easiest way to do this is to rock up to a dog show where they will be (phone a few and ask them or look at the dogs qld website for dates). Make friends with some breeders, and find out something about your prospective puppies and breeders.

    Be very very careful to avoid puppy mills - as that's a fast way to get an unhealthy grumpy dog that will cost you squillions at the vet, ongoing, and more with the behavourist because it won't get along with other dogs so you won't be able to take it for walks. And you will be supporting horror living conditions for the puppy's parents and breeders who don't give a stuff about their puppies after they're sold or their puppy buyers.

    For more info on how to choose a good breeder, have a look at the RSPCA site. They're about quality living conditions for all dogs, not just adopting out rescues.
    Choosing a puppy | RSPCA Australia | For all creatures, great & small.


    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    be aware "registered" does not mean responsible or even reputable. Some breeders use the term to suggest they and their puppies are registered with ANKC - but they're only registered with the local council. Some ANKC breeders aren't that ethical either, but most are - at least they have a code of ethics.

    And all puppies and dogs sold in QLD, NSW and VIC must have microchips. All ANKC registered puppies must have microchips. So if the breeder is offering you a puppy that is not microchipped when you get it - run away. Any promises the breeder makes to you, that are important to you (like being ANKC registered and microchipped) - get them in writing. If the breeder won't put their promises in writing, they have no intention of keeping them - again - run away.

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    Hello Julie,

    I am not familar with the term teacup Pomeranian but if its the same term to describe teacup chihuahua's, I believe its a fancy term for a "runt" used by puppy marketers.
    I would have serious concerns about anyone selling a "teacup" anything, as you will most likely be getting a badly bred unhealthy marketing tool.
    I agree with Hyacinth, check the standard for Pomeranians and be very careful what you buy.

    Good luck.
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