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Thread: Chihuahua PUPPY wanted!

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    Default Chihuahua PUPPY wanted!

    Wanted a Chihuahua puppy, i can not afford to pay alot for one, but am willing to pay for vet checks and vaccinations...
    The puppy that i was getting was actually stolen from the owner and im devo!!
    I'm hoping someone is wanting to giveaway one to me, it will be loved and cared for like my own child!
    Im in brisbane, QLD

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    Have you considered rescue, here are a few Chi or Chi x puppies who are currently looking for forever homes.

    Squirrel's profile at PetRescue - is she your new best friend?
    Muppet8944's profile at PetRescue - is he your new best friend?
    There are only QLD, you can also look interstate, most rescues will consider rehoming interstate.

    I realise you said you cannot afford to spend much and to be honest with you if you can't afford an adoption fee as above then you probably should not be considering getting a dog at this stage in your life. Dogs are not cheap, even the littlies. They require worming, heart worming, flea treatments, vaccinations and check ups all which cost a fair bit of money. Not to mention food, toys, bedding, training costs. Heaven forbid if they get very sick, or injure themselves badly (it happens and often and it is expensive).
    Please take the costs into consideration before deciding to take a dog home.

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    No idea where you are but I know a rescue organisation in Wagga that is raising a litter of Chi x puppies right now. They will be desexed and vaccinated before they are rehomed and for that you will pay $200 which is very cheap if you know what vets ask for these services.

    I would also advice to set up a separate bank account and put some money in there each month so you are prepared for unexpected vet costs. Even if it's just $50 each month, that's better than nothing and hopefully you won't need it for a while.

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