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Thread: English Springer Spaniel X Border Collie Pup Wanted

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    Default English Springer Spaniel X Border Collie Pup Wanted

    looking for anyone who might have english springer spaniel x border collie (sprollie in the UK) pups for sale.
    We had one, who died last year aged 15. beautiful looking dog and beautiful natured dog.
    lots for sale in UK, but can't find any in Australia.

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    i don't know where you can find one now, but i also use to own a Border collie X Springer spaniel, he was the most gorgeous dog i ever owned, loved to play and was soooo friendly!

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    Not sure but this looks like it may be one
    Patches's profile at PetRescue - is he your new best friend?

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    There is no guarantee that with a spaniel cross border collie that their temperment would be anything like what you had before. You can get any combination of the parents' attributes. Not just the best ones.

    So you might get a fearful nervous snappy dog that likes to chase bicycles and won't come when it's called.

    Most of the deliberate cross breeds of this sort in Australia come from puppy mills or puppy farmers who have no interest in the welfare of their dogs or puppies. Only in making money. And this leads to puppies with all sorts of social and emotional problems and sometimes ongoing health problems because of the lack of screening for genetic problems or just the incredibly insanitary conditions they were bred in.

    If you want a dog of a certain temperment, you would be better finding a registered breeder (of purebred something) that would allow you to meet and play with both parents to test for temperment and let you meet the puppies to see which ones like you. And have ongoing visits with the puppies and mother until the puppy is ready to leave the mother.

    And most importantly a breeder who is willing to take the puppy back if it's not working out for you. And will put this in writing.

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