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Thread: Dachshund male puppy wanted

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    Default Dachshund male puppy wanted

    My fiancé and I are looking for a male dachshund puppy to join our family. We are located in Wollongong nsw but are willing to pay for transport from other states.
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    Have you checked the breeder listing on Dogzonline?

    Do you know what variety of Dacshund you are interested in? The come in six varieties.

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    There's a Dachshund rescue you might like to contact.
    Available Dachshunds - Dachshund Rescue Australia

    I would also contact dogs nsw - and find out when they have dachshunds in shows and go visit - so the breeders can meet you and you can meet their dogs and find a good match for your family.

    Dogs NSW

    It can take 12 months or more to get a pedigree dog from a breeder, because they have to
    1. make sure they have potential owners lined up
    2. find an appropriate mate and wait for the bitch to come in season - 6 months or so - but they're not supposed to breed the same bitch every year either so can be longer.
    3. gestation 9 weeks and then puppies grow to adoptable age 8 weeks (4 months or so)

    If someone offers you an instant puppy, be sure to meet the puppy's parents, and the breeder and visit where the dogs are bred. If the seller says no, or says the parent dogs are unavailable etc - move on. Unless it's a rescue from a recognised organisation (eg listed with

    PS I fixed the spelling in the title. Be sure to get the name and pronounciation right if you want to please the breeders.

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