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    Hi everyone

    Hopefully this catches the eye of a Sheltie breeder.
    I am after a baby boy to welcome into my home and my life. I live in Sydney, and have had dogs all my life.
    My best friend of 15 yrs passed away, and he was the most gorgeous Rough Tri-colour collie, so I have experience with gorgeous long coats and herding breeds.

    I would be after a puppy just after Christmas, so anytime after that... even Jan or Feb!

    Contact me via pm, and I will let you know about the home you may be placing your gorgeous sheltie puppy into.

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    You will probably have more luck going and finding a reputable breeder and putting your name on a waiting list for a pup I think

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I know 2 sheltie breeders but I am in South West WA
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    Jadielee, I have been doing that as well. So far haven't had any responses and if so it was informing me that no litters anytime soon Of course we are willing to wait for the perfect pup though!

    ClareBear Oh what a shame! Are these breeders willing to send the little pup interstate? I don't want the puppy stressing out though, as it would be a 4 hour plane ride. The little pup would be undergoing enough stress moving from everything they already know.

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    Hi Christineshadow. So sorry to hear of your loss.

    Have you tried the dogzonline listings? There are currently a few older Shelties available, in several different states, here: Shetland Sheepdog Dogs for Sale from Registered Breeders at Dogz Online

    Or current litters are here - Shetland Sheepdog Puppies for Sale from Shetland Sheepdog breeders, Australia.

    And a list of breeders - in case you see any you'd like to contact and see what litters are coming up - Shetland Sheepdog Breeders, Australia

    Good luck!! Shelties are wonderful.

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    Contact me via pm, and I will let you know about the home you may be placing your gorgeous sheltie puppy into
    Having read a bit on the other forum about dodgy puppy enquiries breeders get, I imagine a phrase like this could be misunderstood.

    Most responsible breeders would be looking to have a full puppy waiting list before they make a pairing for puppies, so asking for colour and with late timing ie I think they'd be looking for more lead time than a month and a half or so.

    To minimise misunderstandings and match expectations with reality - it really helps to go meet some breeders with a view to making friends and then getting on the puppy wait list, rather than hoping they will be trawling the internet looking for homes for their puppies - because that is not the way a responsible breeder is supposed to operate.

    Shelties are very popular with agility competitors so that might be a way to find good breeders - by looking up the prefixes of the place getters. Or going to some agility competitions and talking to the competitors about where they got their dogs.

    If I was placing a very intelligent dog like a sheltie - I would be looking for someone who has an interest in dog training so I'd be mentioning that in my enquiries as a would be buyer too.

    And you may find that phone calls work better than email contacts too - also much less chance of ending up in the bit bucket and not knowing if you've been misunderstood and not having a chance to expand or explain. And much less chance of you being an internet scammer too.

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    I know a couple of sheltie breeders in NSW, as they also have Whippets. If you are still looking please PM me.

    Also recommend contacting the Shetland Sheepdog Club of NSW.

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