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Thread: Labrador Pups!

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    Default Labrador Pups!

    My family is currently searching for a pure bred golden labrador pup.
    Does anyone recommend any breeders around Melbourne?
    Thanks, Amberoo.

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    I know of a golden retriever breeder near me... I think they are in Lilydale from memory. I helped my sister in-law get one from them.

    You could also check this page

    Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale from Labrador Retriever breeders, Australia.

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    I would contact these guys and try to get along to some of their meets.

    Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria Inc - Australia

    That way you get to know the breeders and what kind of dogs they have and they get to know you and it helps them decide you have a good home for one of their puppies.

    I'd also look for some All Breed shows hosted by these guys and get along and see what's what with the Labrador Retrievers also. They'd be in the "gun dog" section.
    Home Page: Welcome to DogsVictoria
    (the october list might have stuff in November / December). I think "Championship" is Victorian for "All Breeds dog show". But I could be wrong.

    PS you might find this helpful
    and their info on avoiding puppy mills (sources of unheathy and under socialised puppies)

    and this - everything you need to know about raising a puppy.

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