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Thread: Malimu? (cant Spell!)

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    If I ever have a firstborn son... I'm keeping it away from you V&F

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    Haven't scared me off, just got back from a camping trip!! Looks as tough this thread has taken off!

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    have u though about going to the adoptapet alot of Alaskan Malamute's end up there as pepole go "OMG THERE SO CUTE & FULFFY" with little thought to them growing up

    the problem for these dogs is most dog are cute when their pups but these dog have the cute & fluffy facter so when there a pup in a pet store window (not that a agree with pet stores) its like they have huge buy me sgins ... the fluffy lookes good in a pet store but unless you have a FURMINATOR and are propared to deal with this kind of shedding YouTube - ‪So you think you want a Malamute?‬‏ think about it

    from what i have read you will be a great owner as long as you do your resarch and know what your getting into as owning any dog is a 10+ year comitement

    may i say a good place to start research is youtube

    alot of ppl post on Malamute's so you can watch these dog reather then just reading all the time

    btw what type of dog is your other dog and how much training has he/she had ?

    how many hrs a week do you walk/train he/she ?

    the reason i ask is so i might be able to give you more advice with coping with two dogs
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    I have to say, I have had Siberian Huskies for years, and out of the blue I adopted a 5 year old Malamute rescue dog. She was nothing but well mannered & affectionate from day one. Everyone who met her loved her, she only had basic obedience training when I got her, & I definitely didn't need to work with her every day to "stop her from lapsing into bad habits". Sadly she passed away from kidney disease but we now have a Malamute puppy who has had no formal training other than a 3 night puppy preschool class, and again I am seeing the same obedient affectionate keen to please personality that my other Malamute showed consistently for the 6 years I was blessed to have her. I don't believe they are headstrong, that however is a trait of most huskies and my husky male definitely has that air of arrogance about him. Mate, if you want a malamute, I agree you should do your research, but unless there is something drastically wrong, its possible to adjust your lifestyle to suit a new pet. Just because someone may not have jogged every day up until now doesn't mean they won't develop a great new fitness plan around their new pet, and just because they may not have 6 ft fences currently doesn't mean they aren't willing to erect high fencing to ensure their pet doesn't escape. If everyone decided against getting one of these lovely dogs because they've had no experiece owning the breed, then nobody would have one. Mate, I can understand why you are set on getting one, they are beautiful animals, & I will have huskies & mallies my entire life now I have both, so as long as you are willing to make any adjustments necessary to give any dog what it needs, go for it.

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    correct me if im wrong but doesnt the behaviours of the dog really depend on the owner no matter the breed, i mean i know every breed has it trates but no one dog is everthe same if you socialise as a pup, train them, love them, earn their respect then surely any dog no matter the breed can be a great family pet?

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