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Thread: Where to Find Shar-pei X Labrador Pups

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    Default Where to Find Shar-pei X Labrador Pups

    Hi I was wondering if anyone nows of a breeder in sydney that breeds Shar-pei x Labrador pups,thanks Amy

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    Haven't heard of one. They are regularly in pounds though.

    I wouldn't think anyone breeding these two breeds together would be too ethical. They double up on potential health issues like hip dysplasia etc.

    Shar peis and their crosses can have numerous health issues if not very carefully bred, and can be strong willed and hard to train for beginner owners...

    Be very wary.

    Have you considered a rescue? There are a good number of Peis and crosses in rescue, coming with vetwork all done and temperament asessed - normally with a good amount of training as well., or Shar Pei Rescue Australia - they're in Vic but can put you in touch with local people and dogs.

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    My bf has a Shar Pei x lab. They got her from a pet shop a few years ago.
    Is their a reason you want one?
    My bf & his ex gf got a dog each from the same litter & both seems to have the 'bad' traits from both breeds despite being raised totally different.

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