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Thread: Bichon Bolognese

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    They are one of the strangest dogs iv seen. I once had a dream I owned a grey one. Funny thing is, I had never seen one before & had no idea they existed. I remember telling my husband I dreamt I had a dog that was like a sheep, then not long after I saw one in my suburb. I almost had a heart attack & was squealing that that was the dog from my dream. lol
    They are cute though, in a weird way. Lol

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    Bedlingtons are beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twinkie View Post
    Are there any in Australia? Tried looking for a breeder but havnt found any so far. Any help would be appreciated.
    yes, we have a purebred Bolognese, Which we imported from Italy 10 years, personally we feel they are more handsome than the Bichon.
    When we imported him, he was the first to immigrate to Australia.
    He is extremely intelligent, and affectionate, a real Italian star.

    Only downside ius people laugh when you say what breed he is.
    His father Tazio was an all Italian Champion in 1999.
    Sydney Australia

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    Morgan532- wow, do you have any photos you can upload? I would love to see.

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