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    Does anyone know of any suppliers for Diatomaceous Earth preferably in NSW ?

    I intend to use it for flea/worm control on my pets and also use it for insect control around the house. It works as an abrasive that wears through the waxy coating on insects and dries them out. For intestinal worms it is said to greatly reduce their population by grinding them up inside the gut and killing their larvae with no harm to the animal that ingests it.

    A few friends in the U.S. have been using it for years and they swear by it.

    I have a toddler at the hand to mouth stage so I'm not to keen on using chemicals, so I thought I'd give it a try but it's proving to be difficult to track down locally.

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    My family use it alot but we buy it by the ton so probley not what your after???

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    Thanks for the replies

    @Emma - that first link was the one I contacted last week and I still haven't heard anything back, I think they're in QLD so I hope they didn't get caught up in the floods, If they did I could understand the delay. It's holiday season too so I guess a bit of patience is in order.

    @Crazydog - I wasn't really looking for that much, I've heard graziers and grain farmers go through a lot. I only need a modest amount for home use.

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