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Thread: Small Crossbreed Puppy November

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    Question Small Crossbreed Puppy November

    Hi there

    I'm planning on getting a puppy at the end of November for myself. I only have a small backyard, and would prefer a crossbreed rather than purebred. I'm after something small that is happy both inside and outside.
    I'm willing to spend up to $600 and would prefer a desexed pup. I'm located on the border of NSW/VIC and am willing to travel.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    You may find something at PetRescue - find your new best friend!

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    When you chose your puppy, don't just assume 'small' means 'no energy'.
    The Jack Russell for example is small, but with boundless energy.
    On the other hand, there are larger breeds that don't need a huge backyard with lots of exercise.
    The Greyhound for example.
    It all depends on how much exercise you want to give them outside the backyard.

    Dogs that don't need much exercise(off the top of my head) and would suit a small backyard;
    Toy Poodle
    Shih Tzu

    Please don't limit yourself to 'only' crossbreeds. Purebreds make brilliant pets aswell. There are plenty of purebreds in shelters that you can rescue.
    Check out your local RSPCA/shelter with a few certain breed in mind, and im sure you're bound to find something. And don't just pick out the first cute one you see.
    One of our members Hyacinth took months/years to find her perfect dog. Which she found from a shelter.
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    Many small cross breed puppies come from puppy farms, especially ones advertised on the internet, classifieds, or from pet shops. A quick way to eliminate the puppy farm breeder (cruel, unhealthy and source of neurotic, sometimes aggressive dogs), is to ask to meet both puppy parents, so you can gauge temperment from them. If this is not possible - then don't shop with these people.

    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    Read the smart buying guide linked at the bottom also.

    And you may also want to read this.
    Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    I second - if you want a cross breed - try the rescue places first. Most rescues will not let a puppy go to a new home without being desexed first.

    Also - why do you prefer a crossbreed to a purebred dog? If you pick a good breeder, then a purebred dog should be healthy with a reasonably predictable temperment, and the best breeders will help you with any questions and also take the puppy back should you not be able to keep it for whatever reason.

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    have you heard of a maltese x pomeranian. they dont cast that much to feed and my little boy is the most loving thing you will come by lol i have a pic of him on my profile. he is good because he does not bark much and loves giving me cuddles at night unlike my maltese puppy lol she is a terror she barks soooooooooo much but i think thats because she wants to get on the lounge but cant jump that high yet lol have a look their beautiful dogs

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    Like puggerpup said check out pet rescue and the larger shelters.
    I think you will pay anything from $290 - $400 to adopt a dog/pup. They will be desexed, micro chipped, vaccinated temp tested and heath checked.
    You could also check out breed specific rescue groups.
    Pick some breeds you may like and do some research.

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