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Thread: Small to Medium Puppy Wanted

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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a free or cheap small to medium sized puppy or young dog, staffy cross, jack russell preferably female.

    I am looking for this dog to be a companion dog for my husbands uncle and is in his sixties and suffers from a lung condition and has been told walking a dog would be great for him.

    We live in the hunter region of NSW, I would really appreciate it if everyone could keep their ears to the ground and let me know if they hear of a dog that could help him.


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    Check out your local shelter
    I must say Staffys and Jack Russells can be a hand full.
    Jack Russell are high energy and Staffys needs plenty of dog/human socialisation to keep them on the 'right side of the track'.

    Can I suggest a Pug, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel or SWF(Shih Tzu, Maltese etc.)
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    Thank you unfortunately there is no shelter where we live, which is why I thought I would ask on here.

    He is aware that they are highly active dogs that is why he asked me to see if I could find him one, so that he will have a dog to train and walk.

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    Have you tried the pet rescue website?
    There maybe a rescue group that can help out.
    Be open to any breed as there may be one to suit. But take your time and make sure they are a reputable rescue group. There are people who pull dogs out of pounds and re home them without quarantine period, undesexed, health checked and so on.
    You could try free to good home but also be aware they could be re homing a dog with problems. Good luck.

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    Depending on your husband's uncle's health condition, I would seriously consider getting an older dog rather than a puppy. Dogs can live for a long time, ie around 16 years so unless he's going to be fit enough to take care of a dog in 15 years time, he shouldn't get a puppy. Puppies also need a lot of time and effort devoted to them which he may not be able to give in his condition.

    There are plenty of small, mature dogs available on PetRescue needing adoption.

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    I have 2 boy Jack Russell puppies for sale.
    Im not sure if you would be interested but if so reply here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spikeandruby View Post
    I have 2 boy Jack Russell puppies for sale.
    Im not sure if you would be interested but if so reply here.
    Spike and Ruby

    Nobody has posted in this thread since September - until you came along.

    And the OP hasn't been in since November.

    And this isn't the right place to advertise puppies for sale.

    Number one way to avoid puppy mill according to RSPCA site
    Choosing a puppy | RSPCA Australia | For all creatures, great & small.
    1. Don't buy a puppy over the internet, newspaper advertisement or from a pet shop without first being able to visit the breeding facility to see the conditions for yourself.
    Are you a responsible breeder of JRT?
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    What guarantee are you offering?
    What health checks did you do?
    What questions will you be asking a prospective buyer before you sell to them?

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    Thanks for your informative post Hyacinth hopefully Spike and Ruby will take note and also follow the forum rules.

    I will close the thread now seeing as it's an old one.

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