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    im looking for a giant breed bermese mountain pup or a newfounland would like white on the dog and im after a dog / pup that is good with kids 2 other dogs loves lots of walks ball games and being with me and the kids all day like to be brushed and fussed over . if you are a breeder and think you will have something between now and next year please pm deatils prices

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    These two Newfie breeders currently have puppies;
    Newfoundland Puppies for Sale from Newfoundland breeders, Australia.

    BMD breeders;

    Just remember, don't rush into the first breeder you find
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    There is a very long waiting list for Bernese Mountain Dogs from ethical breeders.
    A friend had to wait 2 years.
    I agree with aussiemyf7and make sure you do all your homework regarding both breeds and one other tip a lot of breeders dislike being asked the price first up.

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    For MOST breeds you are looking at between $1000 and $2000 fora dog from a reputable breeder. Price often depends on the certain dogs used for the mating... imported dogs will always cost more due to the large cost involved in shipping the dog to Australia.

    Asking about price on initial contact is a touchy subject. I personally don't like it, I would much rather the person ordering a puppy know a lot about the breed in general than just be asking "how much?"
    When buying a new pup I recommend you have $2,000 saved up. If the pup only costs $1,000 well then you have $1,000 to put straight into your vet fund, or a new holiday. But if the pup is $2,000 then it saves the embarrasment of having to cancel because you don't have enough money.

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    hi thanks guys , im in no rush and hoping to find some local breeders in my area to meet both breeds im happy to wait two years that is no worry being on a waiting list at all . i will look at the newfoundland pups but im not quite ready just interested in whats around atm meeting the dogs , and going to afew show i have only just started researching. it is a big thing for me as i have never owned a giant breed so want to make sure that it is the breed for me before purchasing one

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    For a newf you are looking at about $2000.00 - $2500.00 How do I know? See my avatar Newfies/giants take a lot of work and money. Especially if raised from puppy. Kate cost us a fortune in additives alone last year.
    But the love they give is worth every penny.
    They also need serious training, because an untrained newf/giant is a very difficult dog to control. We do obedience with our newfs and they love it and are loved at our club. My dogs seem to naturally gravitate to kids, especially katy and Tobias.
    We have our dogs insured with Medibank Private for possible HUGE vet bills. Just make sure you know the medical history of your pup. Checked both conformation, hip/elbow and cardiac. Giants do have lots of medical problems if not bred properly.
    I have had newfies since the eighties and I will always have them, just love them
    Pets are forever

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    I imagine these dogs eat you out of house and home. They must be worse than teenage boys

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