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Thread: NEEDED - Cheap Basic HydroBath or Booster Bath

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    Default NEEDED - Cheap Basic HydroBath or Booster Bath

    Or something similar LOL.

    I have been going mad trying to find one, I cannot...repeat CANNOT bathe the dogs in the bath anymore....there is only a limited space between the glass shower screen and the bench...which means I have to get in the bath with them....which means I have been using...GASP Tea Tree Dog Shampoo! and trying to wrestle with a Large Medium Dog....not fun.

    Due to self-imposing bans though I do not have much to spend, it depends on the item offered, I saw a super cheap small (how small is small? PMSL) hydrobath for $500, but its in another state.

    I only need basic, but not too basic i.e. I have been looking at basic model hydros and the Paws/Fidos Booster Bath (Which I could have outside with a tropic shower), but not as basic as a Fido Pet Tub IYKWIM. I LOVED the idea of a Jet Pet washer/spray thing, but after reading a LOT of reviews, have decided against it.

    I have two dogs that are mid/late puppydom, but after they finished growing will be medium & a large solid dog.

    Any ideas/links/offers are appreciated. I have contacted Mavlab direct and am awaiting a return email from them.

    Please help bath-time be a joy!

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    Have you looked on Ebay and/or GumTree? Maybe look at DogzOnline and their For Sale site: Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dog Community of Australia

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    Cheap hydrobaths are a bit like hens teeth, and they come and go very very quickly.

    It might be worth your while posting a wanted ad on the dogzonline site that Clea posted.

    There is a large manufacturer of good ones who does a flexirent thing if that would suit you...

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