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    Hi everyone!

    I hope this is the correct thread to be posting this in.

    My 12yo Sheltie, Scout and I live in Enmore (Sydney).

    I'm going to be going overseas for about ten days in April/May and would live to find out whether there are any minders that other members can recommend. I have used agencies and referral services on the market out there. But would prefer to get a personal recommendation.

    I would like Scout to board with them for the duration, and it would be nice if she had a friend to play with or if the people are home a fair bit. She is very healthy, loves her daily walks and plays, house trained, and possibly most suited to a fairly calm household. I'm willing to travel and bit to drop her off and pick up.

    Thank you in advance for any advice.

    Best wishes,
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    I can't help with Sydney sorry but I have a friend in orange,Central West , that does pet sitting and more . A little far I know but she may be able to put you onto someone in your area

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