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Thread: Patterdale Terriers || Information and Where to Find One?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    Predator kennels in sydney have pure patts, they breed pure gould and gould X nuttle line dogs.

    They arnt a generic little dog you know, think of them as like a gamebred APBT with the drive to match. you should really research the breed for a while, they can be a handfull if not managed corectly.
    they are no where near apbt.. no breed can come close to apbt. think of them as the gamest of terriers. predator kennel breeds gould and gould x wheeler dogs. he doesnt have anything out of nuttal's yard.. thats the other guy who does he also lives in sydney, but i dont like how those nuttal ones look. predator's dogs are much better.

    plenty of the old line in Victoria and some predator dogs. the nuttal line in sydney, but havent heard of any in Victoria maybe because the price " $2000". predator dogs 700, and paige lou staff from 150-450.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stafford Rescue Vic View Post
    ohhh I didnt think there were any in australia... at least as far as I know they are not yet recognised by the ANKC you could try to contact them they will know if they are in the country... of course there could be some not yet recognised.... they are a lovely dog, but really take a lot of work to keep one as a pet.... they are pretty head strong from my understanding...
    just because they arent recognized doesnt mean they arent there.. they are not show breed, and nearly all those who keep them are hunting people. i hope it always stays away from ANKC and show people.

    some are head strong and some are very laid back at home.
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