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    Default Rotty X Ridgeback

    I was wondering if anyone breeds or knows where to get a Rottweiler X a ridgeback?? I think they are amazing n just want to know if anyone had any info?

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    Try goggle, i'm sure its full of BYB cross breeders or try petshops

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    I agree. Shelters.
    Google pet rescue.
    Ridgeback club rescue/adoptions sometimes have crosses.
    Rottweiler clubs as well.

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    Hi, i know it's been a while but I found ur post via Google, just thought i'd let you know, My rottweiler (no papers) just had puppies, x rhodesian ridgeback 2 wks ago, if you were still interested. They all are brown with dominant ridgeback features. I can send pics if you wish.

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    You can heap HEAPS in pounds if you look about abit. They where a popular x for awhile & there are plenty in pounds & rescues.

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