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Thread: Wanted Weimaraner puppy, male

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    Default Wanted Weimaraner puppy, male

    have been looking everywhere for Weimaraner puppies in townsville but have been unsuccessful in finding breeders

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    Hi 'emreichhold1' and to the forum !

    Can’t help you with a pup – sorry - but here are some links for breeders for you:

    The first link in the above search will give you a list of all the Weimaraner breeders in Australia and Qld. The closest breeders to you are in Mackay and Cairns. So you may have to look further afield than just your area for a pup. Some breeders will put pups on a plane – so don't discount that avenue as a way of getting a pup.

    Do your homework with the breeders to make sure that what pups they are producing are as healthy as they can be.

    The following link gives you all the health problems for this particular breed:

    Disorders by Breed - Weimaraner - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    You could also look at breed specific rescue via these links:

    Rescue - Weimaraner Club of Queensland

    Australia-wide Rescue Directory - PetRescue
    Good Luck !smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    Don't be afraid to look interstate! Just make sure where ever you get your pup from it comes from an ethical registered breeder!

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