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Thread: Has anyone purchased from Gro odl es A ust ralia?

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    I had a bit of a look at the website, and on the surface of it - it seems all good but you can't take a sellers website alone as verification of a "good reputation" or even humane puppy breeding practices.

    It looks to me like they're doing all I would want in a cross breeder - ie all their breeding dogs live in normal people's homes separately not all together in some sort of puppy farm with not enough human contact. The breeders are all hip scored etc.

    But... I'd want to meet the parent dogs to see for myself what I was getting and what environment they're living in. I'd want to see all the paper work on hip scores and family history including problems. Eg there's one that got desexed - is that because there were problem puppies?

    And a lot of their breeders are related - I'd be concerned about that - as long as those aren't being crossed?

    I can't see any silly promises on their website about guaranteeing a dog that doesn't cause allergies or even getting a puppy that won't grow to be huge. But they're in Queensland, and OP is in SA. It's much harder to return a puppy and get your money back if things aren't as you expected. And you won't get the benefit of the breeder-vets either.

    I also cannot find any independent review or mention of them on the net - which is a worry. There should be at least one pissed off customer among the ecstatic ones - there always is. And usually whatever pissed them off - is not something that would bother me or I might even see it as a good thing eg a whinge along the lines of wouldn't sell me a puppy because my fences are crap and I'm renting...

    there's some stuff on yelp and trulocal but as far as I know the business owner can get unhappy reviews removed which doesn't make those reviews unbiased.

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    Go meet some crosses and see if you are allergic. Antihistamines or not you can end up having to give the dog away if you're already that allergic as you can sensitise to the dog. As for knowing the coat when they're a pup - a dogs coat changes as they mature especially in the crosses. They can start one way and change by the time the dog is an adult.

    I'm allergic to oodle crosses ... yes no matter the coat. Especially gr x poodles. I come up in lumps on my face, red blotches and sometimes burning arms.

    Have a good read of the website - for that massive price you get no recourse and no refund if something is wrong with the puppy. And 10 breeding bitches ... also reds being a premium price? Uh huh not a puppy farm. Not every vet is an angel.

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