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Thread: Looking for a Kelpie breeder in Melbourne

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    Default Looking for a Kelpie breeder in Melbourne

    Hi everyone,

    I have decided to purchase a Kelpie pup in the new year (end of Jan).

    Can anyone recommend a breeder in Melbourne? I will also be checking the pet rescue website closer to the end of Jan to see if any unwanted Kelpie pups or adults are available. They currently have gorgeous kelpie babies available! Kelpie will be for a companion only.

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    Hope you have great plans for lots of exercise, trick training, dog sports maybe including herding for your kelpie. They need a lot of engagement mind and body. If you don't engage the mind - and just gives lots of exercise - all you end up with is a superfit destructo dog.

    working dog rescue on facebook - have lots of puppies of all sorts that you can choose from.
    Australian Working Dog Rescue

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