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    Hey guys!
    I’m only new to this forum and really liking it! Just wondering if there are any people out there who know or have a female Daschund puppy for sale?
    We would prefer a Black and Tan (or Fawn and tan) mini if possible. We are animal lovers. The dog is for me as I’ve always wanted a sweet little dog.
    Currently we have a Cattle x Kelpie 10 month old puppy who keeps us on our toes all day every day. He attends daycare twice a week and we wash and bath him once a week. If anyone has and details and further information please forward to me on this site or my Facebook which you will find on my profile.

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    Sorry I can't really be of any help, but yay another soon to be dachshund owner Be prepared for clingy! and a long toilet training process. They really are sweet dogs though, and great lap warmers!

    This is my little guy, Dexter:

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    Ha! We were thinking of calling ours Dexter if we got a boy! I love them… they are so cute, will be a nice change from our over active Cattle x Kelpie.

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    The best way, in my opinion, to find a nice pedigree puppy - is to visit some dog shows or the breed club in your state and meet some dachshund breeders, and see which one has dogs you like and they like you as a potential owner.

    And then find out when they're planning a litter. It might take a bit longer than you want but that's the best way to get a quality pet.

    If you're lucky you might find one of those breeders has had someone pike out on owning a dachshund from them so they have one available. Or they may have had more puppies than they expected from a litter. Ideally the best breeders will have potential owners lined up for all their puppies by the time theyr'e born. That's what "breeding to meet demand" means.
    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    How do I find a good dog breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    This is the NSW dachshund club. They will know how to find breeders in your state.
    The Dachshund Club of NSW Inc

    PS you'd best learn to spell and say it right - they can be a little bit sensitive about that. It's ok to ask them for help with it. eg Dacks hund (with the d in hund almost like a t). I could be wrong but I'm not looking to get one.
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    Do you know what variety you are after? They come in six different ones, bred separately as separate breeds. Mini Longhair, Mini Smooth, Mini Wirehair, Standard longhair, Standard smooth, Standard wirehair.

    If you look on this page: Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dogs of Australia you will see that the Standard varieties and the Mini varieties have been grouped together, and breeders and puppy notices etc can be found under the two pages. Does that make sense?? I've had a slightly long day...

    Dachies are lovely. But the different varieties are different in general temperament as well as appearance. Personally I would recommend the longhairs more as family pets, especially with kids, then the wires and then the smooths. Smooths I find a little more reserved and sensitive.

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