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    Hi Everyone,

    Arctic Breed Rescue, is a rescue group for Arctic Breed Dogs (Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Samoyed's, Akita s + their crosses, note we primarily have Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes) We are currently looking for foster carers to provide temporary care for our rescues in need of a loving active home, whilst we at ABR continue our relentless search for their purfect furever homes.

    If you are interested in fostering please visit our website at Arctic Breed Rescue or send an email to Jane at for more information and to request a pre-foster care application to be send out for completion and return.
    Even if we don't have any suitable dogs at present... we defiantly will in the future and having a foster carer as back up when needed would help immensely at these incredibly stressful times for both the dogs and the team at ABR when we have nowhere for them to go.

    Please Please, Consider being a foster carer and saving a life in the process.

    Kindest Regards,

    Jane Di Giambattista
    Victorian Coordinator
    Arctic Breed Rescue

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    Hey guys, I recently have started working with Jane (above) from Siberian Husky Rescue, which is still a relatively new group, So we are more than anything trying to get the word out about the group which Facebook has been a wonderful tool, the more people we reach, the more animals who's lives are saved. So all im asking is if u could please like the page (the link below) and share it on you own wall asking people to do the same.

    Siberian Husky Rescue | Facebook

    we are also in need of foster carers in Qld and most desperately in NSW at the moment as there are so many fur babies on death row, for no fault of their own.

    Here is my current foster baby Freya, who is in need of several thousands of dollars worth of vet work, so the more people who know about us, the better chance we have of raising awareness and funds, even if u cant make a donation, just share the page thanks heaps for your time guys

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