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    We had intentions of having pups from my 3/yo Kelpie but our circumstances have changed so we are now looking into having her desexed.
    I wonder if there is any relationship between desexing and behaviour change... would desexing her change her beahviour? She can be slightly dominating to other female dogs...
    does anyone know much about this?


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    When we used to have 2 female dogs, they were both only desexed after we got them, and we saw no change in their moods. Sometimes they seemed a litte bit more sooky and cuddly but that was about it
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    I don't think you'll see any change especially since your girl is 3 yo. In puppies it can make them calm down a bit and not be so hypo, help with toilet training and make them less aggressive and more placid. Because your girl is 3 i don't know if it will help with female-female dominance...It might...I think that the biggest change you'll get is that desexing will greatly reduce her chances of disease and cancer of female organs.

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