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    Hi, I am new and would love any advice anyone can give me!
    We have 2 dogs a English Staffy (m) & Engligh Staffy x jack russell (f) we recently introduced a new girl English Staffy (missy), we thought we did everything right introduced her slowly in a cage to start with then 1 on 1 with each dog. The today the worst happened we went out and put the new puppy out the back in her cage but she got out and went to play with the "big dogs" we got a frantic call from a neighbour who had to rush missy to the vet the male staffy had her by the neck and waas throwing her around biting her and there was blood everywhere. She luckily is going to be okay but still $2500 later we are really unsure what to do! Should we keep out new puppy or cut our losses (and hers) and sell her? Has anyone had any experience with a similiar situation? Any Help is muchly appreciated!

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    What you did is a terrible mistake, and not something right.
    You never EVER introduce new dog to other dogs in their own house (territory). Secondly, you don't confine a dog in a small space and then let others to feel even more powerful over the caged dog.
    The best way to introduce a newcomer is on neutral territory, away from home and familiar surrounding (ie. their park, or where they do their walk most of the time). And if you have 2 dogs you should go with one at the time. Somebody else should be with a newcomer, and you should have your dogs (one at the time). You should slowly approach a newcomer, leash loose, and of course, you should be as calm as possible as dogs feel all the stress that comes from its owner. Let them sniff, unleashthem and let them spend some time introducing. If there's any noise, growling, don't get hold of their collar immediately as this might trigger attack. If everything is OK, slowly approach with your other dog and repeat what you did with the first one.
    You can't just leave a newcomer and go off to work. Introductions should go for few days at the best, meeting in a neutral territory, then you take puppy home with you for some time, the next day you extend the visit and when it's obvious the newcomer has been accepted in a pack, then you can leave it. Confiding one dog in a cage is just wrong in this case. If you are unable to cope, maybe it is best to sell it, but I'm sure you could manage if you really want to. Good luck, and i hope puppy will be fine.

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