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Thread: Licensed Cross Breeders? Aka(Non-Puppy Farm)

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    Question Licensed Cross Breeders? Aka(Non-Puppy Farm)

    Hey all,

    I'm currently researching a four legged friend and haven't quite found a pure bred which fits my requirements.

    Given that, I started researching cross-breeds and eventually stumbled onto the horrible concept that is the "puppy-farm".

    Now, duly informed, I'm at an impasse. I'm still keen on a cross-breed but want an animal that has solid heritage and doesn't suffer from known hereditary issues of the parent breeds.

    Am I wishing for a flying toaster here or is this a concept that actually exists?



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    Hi Adam,

    It does exist!

    It is really wonderful that you have learnt about the horror of puppy farming and choose not to support this practice.

    There have been some studies done recently on cross breed dogs that suggest that they are far less prone to heriditary and genetic conditions. They are generally speaking stronger in health and condition as well.

    Having said that puppy farmed dogs (which you will see in pet shops, over the internet and trading post etc) are often poorly bred, with no thought or consideration in regards to health, heriditory or genetic conditions.
    To increase profit (and this is only about profit) every and any corner is cut.

    Mothers are bred back to back from a young age, and are completely depleted of any nourishment. Puppies are taken away too early from their mothers and as a result are denied crucial socialisation skills which is learnt from Mum and sibblings between 5-8 weeks.

    Mum is also miserable and may have behaviuoral problems of her own due to the fact she is consistently caged and bred.

    I would highly recommend a rescue group for your new friend.

    PetRescue - find your new best friend! is a great site. They have puppise too. The benefit of a rescue dog is that all vet work is complete, they are lovingly cared for in a family home, you often have a trial settling in period for you and puppy, and full follow up support.

    I would highly recommend that you take your new friend for a check up with your vet shortly after you bring them home. It is a standard consultation ($45 roughly) and well worth while. Check hips, legs (patella's) heart, eyes, ears, and teeth in particular.

    Good luck with your search and let us know how you are going!


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    Hi Adam,

    Firstly,let me congratulate you on doing your homework before purchasing your pet !

    Now , I agree with Billy on most counts but must disagree with the cross breeds being 'healthier' . Theer really is nothing to substantiate these claims by DD ( designer dog) breeders and in fact you can end up with an even bigger multitude of problems.

    What type of dog were you looking for ? Bull breed,small breed,brachy breed etc ?

    Puppy farming is supported prolificly by cross breeders is the main outlet of designer dogs , as is the Pet Shop and other similar outlets.

    I am very interested in knowing what type of dog you are searching for that a purebred cannot fullfil . Honest,friendly question

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    you cant tell me that people arnt puppy farming pure breeds if i was going to do it thats what i would do find the most expensive dog and breed that (cos its all about making money) that stands to reason that it would be a pure breed. just a thought

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    Thanks for the reply ChoppaChop, let me answer your Honest,friendly question

    It maybe easier for me to describe our perfect doggie, that way you can get an accurate picture, but that is not to say we aren't strict on every detail.

    Ok here goes,

    We are after a medium sized, moderately active, smart dog. We don't like bull faces (e.g. Bulldogs, Boxers and Staffies), we don't like poodles or very small yappy dogs (JRTs, Foxys and other scruffy terriers).

    At the moment we both work full time, and have a decent sized back-yard (as an estimate +300m2) and are willing to walk/exercise our new friend every day for up to an hour each day.

    There are some breeds we like (some more than others) but discount them for some reason or another.

    Beagle (digging issues)
    Malamute (we don't like the idea of always needing to have our dog on a leash for the fear that it will eat someone elses four legged friend)

    I just love Samoyeds but don't really like the idea of needing to use air conditioning during summer. If I could get a short hair version, that would be the ultimate.

    It feels like I'm being very picky, but I think it's important to be honest as you want to make the right decision.

    We have a fiend who breeds dobermans, who suggested we go along to the next pedigree dog show, I think there's one on Australia day (in Melbourne). That way we get to see the dogs in real life and get to talk to breeders etc.


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    Yeah your right Erinah, a quick search of the shows a huge number of "pure" bred listings. If they are pure breds remains to be proved.

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    If it doesn't have papers then you are hard pressed to prove 'purity' .Many people advertise in the Trading Post etc , "purebred English Staffies" for example....mmm...ok....No such thing as an English Staffy . Boxers as well....I have seen so many ads recently for "Purebred Boxers" that are in fact ,oh mum is a Boxer Dad is an AmBull ( or similar) .Now this is destroying to things with one swoop.The AmBull is trying hard to be a recognised breed but is still in its infancy,responsible gaurdians of the breed make sure they have lineage in their stock.The backyard breeders and puppy farmers do not.

    Adam , its ok to be picky ! In fact I commend you on it! Afterall , your new family member will be around for awhile to come

    There are a few breeds that do spring to mind though after going on your list . The Dalmation is a medium ( to large I guess) dog and fits your list.As does a Ridgey ( Rhodesian Ridgeback) .If you like the Mals but not the hype that goes with them then there is the Huski . Also,contrary to popular belief,Sibes,Mals,Huskis not 'need' to be kept in air conditioning .They have unique coats and cope fine in our Ozzy weather.

    Going along to a show is a fantastic idea! It will open you to all manner of breeds , have fun and dont be afraid to ask questions

    And personally I think you cant go past an Amstaff

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    I myself don't really care whether a dog comes from a "puppy farm", a licensed or a "backyard breeder". What I would look into is the temperaments of both pup and the parents.
    I had dogs from pet shops and turn out to be good and healthy. What I would say from experience is that puppies from these places have some behavioral issues because of poor breeding and handling.

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    I am curious as to ppls thoughts on the Bull this breed is NOT actually a registered pure bred within the CCC...yet there is a site where you can get your BA approved to be a pure bred by getting a DNA test done.

    I am hopeing to do tracking with my BA, but you cannot do this sport unless you have a PB ...I will be joining the Bull arab club and also getting a DNA done in hope that the club will accept us as competitors

    The Bull arab is a cross of Greyhound, Bull terrior, and Pointer.

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    A well bred BA is a lovely dog Ozeymum

    Some reputable,ethical people are trying hard to have this type of dog recognised. Yes ,some will say,but it is a cross bred and you ( meaning me ) don't agree with them.
    However,there is a difference in breeding the poodle next door with the neighbours Lab just because they would make 'nice pups' and many other reasons you hear. Much the same as the Designer Dogs....

    The BA though has a distinct phenotype and breeders try to reproduce common types and continue the positive traits.
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