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Thread: Dogs Sticking Their Heads Out Car Windows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaG View Post
    Ziggy loves poking her head out of the window. She wears her harness and is hooked into the seatbelt so she can't jump out. And honestly to hit her head on something I would have to be driving so poorly, her nose is nowhere near as far out as the mirrors. If I'm going highway speeds the windows are up anyway.
    For me it's not just about Batty hitting his head on something. It's also about something being flicked up and taking out his eye. I've been hit in the head by a rock flung up by someone else's car going 40 and it hurt like hell! I don't even want to think about what could happen if it was Batty's eye!

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    Tay just sits, lies quietly, or rests her head on the door where the open window is, ear flapping in the wind. Very cute.

    She is so well behaved.

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    Charlie & Bells are either harnessed on the back seat or down on the floor in the front. Bells takes the car well, Charlie hates it. He was fine until he got carsick a couple of times and since then he turns into a sook when he gets in the car.

    AC in on in their direction if it's hot. I don't think there's ever much of a chance of Miss Bella sticking her head out the window!

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