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Thread: Electric Fences or Other Ideas?

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    Yeh it was this kind of "invisible fence" I had in mind, then they could have a collar each. Does anyone know if Jenna's fur would be an issue.She has a very bushy neck. Maybe i would have to shave a small area for skin contact.
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    I know this is quite a serious subject but ....

    Having just read about Mya's latest "adventures" & her general attitude to having a great life ... are you sure there's no White GSD in that dog ?

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    The collars come with good instructions. You can get extra collars for each system so if you have two dogs you get a pack and an extra collar or similar. The collars usually have scary looking electrode prongs on them - which work through very thick coats but if they don't, then yes a bit of hair under the chin might need trimming (not so much shaving). The instructions provide a guide so you know how much to trim and how to tell when you've done enough.

    I don't know what brand my uncle had. It might have been this one.
    Hidden Fence brand - Official Site of the Original Invisible Dog and Cat Fence Experts

    This page gives you an idea what the electrodes look like.
    Invisible dog fence for outdoor dog containment by Hidden Fence brand - DogWatch

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