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Thread: What Do You Think???

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    Well if they couldn't elaborate further I would think it was a bit of a stir up. Like Anne said, do your homework.

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    I've pm'd you Amy.

    If they can't elaborate, can't give you details and aren't telling you the whole story I would take it with a grain of salt.

    IMO the best way to find out would be to go and see the kennels, see how the dogs look/are treated and make your own judgement on what you see.

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    PM'd you back Angela!

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    Thanks to Anne and Angela! I have not made other arrangements for Poppy...

    And am MUCH MUCH MUCH happier with them! Was what I was after in the first place but couldn't seem to find anyone who did it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    I would be ringing the kennel and asking why if I was going to use them. Tell them this happened. It may just be vindictive or it maybe due to a bad experience they had.
    Quote Originally Posted by amy86 View Post
    Somebody with a HUUUUGE post not a newbie...
    That means nothing I know a heap on there with a huge post count who i wouldnt trust

    Now i wanna know who gave you the warning LOL
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    What's DOL?

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    my assistant at work lives in the same suburb as the kennel in question. She has lived in the area for a verrrrry long time and so tends to know a lot about the community. Anyway...I bought up the kennel in convo and boy did I find out a lot!!! The people who live in the community (including my assistant) have take the owners to court twice!!! They are byb even tho court soca state they cannot breed. They have lots of greyhounds bit breed another type of dog. They breed this type with the local male in the neighbourhood!

    They have lost a dog before! They didn't used to have someone on site 24hrs a day! And the list goes on!

    Am very very glad I have made other arrangements!!!

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