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Thread: Dog proof bin recommendations

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    Default Dog proof bin recommendations

    I haven't yet found one that's also easy to use...

    My dogs are inside when I'm out and my house is open plan. I currently have to put my rubbish bin on top of my recycling bin to prevent them raiding it. But I'm about to lose that space those bins are in and will need to move them to under the breakfast bench. I don't have enough cupboard space in my small kitchen to install a bin in there either.

    So any recommendations for a rubbish bin design that is too hard to open for dogs but doesn't require humans to undo any clips or anything to use it?

    Two of the three dogs currently here are pretty smart too. Banjo especially thinks bins, boxes, squeaky toys etc are puzzles designed for her entertainment...

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    No bin suggests BUT... Something I've found that always works to stop my dogs touching anything I don't want them to is putting chest rub all over it. They find the strong smell awful and won't go near it!

    One of my ferrets recently passed away, I buried her in a large pot with a flower... woke up one morning to the pot half dug out (thankfully not deep enough to reach the ferret). I put chest rub all over the edges of the pot and now the dogs won't go near it

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    A goat?
    It's been 3 decades and I had been using a brick.
    Then I got an e collar. And I trained with clicker, then proofed on e collar vibrate

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    I teach the ‘Leave it’ command very early - when my pups first come to me. It works very well for me !

    I have never ever had problems with ‘bench surfing’ – nor garbage bin raiding !

    I also don’t have a problem with leaving shopping bags on the floor in the house – while I continue to unload the car.

    Maybe teaching these pups the ‘Leave it’ command would be worthwhile to you ?

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