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    I have a 1 year old Staffy Bitsa and she is mostly white. I noticed when she was younger and it was warmer she developed skin irritation on her belly. It looks very sore. It went away during winter, but now it's back.

    I was wondering if anyone had any natural tips to help heal this before I took her to the vet.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Suzy.
    A vet will take a scraping, n look under microscope, and can see any parasites etc. Cost stupid amounts of $
    So perhaps consider having no access to grass, or providing a blanket on it if dog will lay on that.
    Try: apple cider vinegar 1 cup in a 4 litre bucket of water. Only allow this a drinking water.
    Sudocrem nappy rash baby cream. Spread thinly over rash daily in morning.
    Take dog swimming in sea.
    Add lard to meal. 1 tablespoon.
    All natural options that have worked for me n mine previously.
    I'm a nurse, you have to be dying to see a dr here. Whatever your species

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    Calamine lotion worked on one of my newfies who had a grass allergy and got skin reactions
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    And I’d add to give the dog a fish oil capsule squeezed in to her food

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    The biggest cause of allergies in pups – with pups eating dry food - is the amount of sugar in the food.

    Heaps of sugar in the dry then promotes yeast in your pup. Yeast then becomes the main cause of allergies, smell and itchiness in pups + other health problems !
    A video to watch to explain this ?

    So, what are you feeding this pup ? This is the only way to sort out your pup’s problem.

    A fish oil capsule really doesn’t work. It is much better to feed oily fish – fresh and raw is better. But canned fish does work.

    Your little girl’s immune system is totally out of whack. Hence my question as to what you are feeding her.

    As you are looking for a natural remedy – What you are feeding her – and changing it - is the only natural way I know - to sort this problem out.
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    Thank you for your help and suggestions everyone...

    I was feeding her the vets all natural muesli and raw meat diet as suggested by my vet. I have since switched her to Hills Science - Sensitive Skin formula. Both top quality foods.

    I have since noticed that it may be something in the environment outside doing this. It appears randomly on and off. I have spoken to my local vet and as I am moving to the coast, he said it may change then.

    Thank you!

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