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Thread: Resource gaurding me

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    I am getting soft.
    But if shes led down, and the pup leaves his crate to walk out dog door for a pee - shell get him.
    Hes not being a pita, hes not even in the same room.

    If i start giving commands, the dynamic changes hugely. And not a problem when training them.
    Looks like you have bigger problems – than what you first suggested in your original post.

    All I can do now is offer you - ‘Heaps and Heaps of Good Luck Wishes’ – that you sort this out with your 2 dogs.

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    I don't give any special treatment to the previous dogs when I bring a pup or a newf Rescue into our home... if anything I am more insistent on my "ignore" until I ask you to come to me.

    And I do allow my older dogs to tell off puppies.... My new pup is rather forward and she has been a bit rude and has been put in her place by the older bitches, but no teeth used just grumpies, as I call them. One of my dogs can do a long distance loud bark and Hope stops whatever she is doing... My other young dog was a bit put off initially, but I just kept the work and training routine the same. no extra treats or cuddles, just as it always was. I don't allow ownership over me, toys or bones.... Our six have to be able to be in the same area with their bones, not on top of each other but in the same yard. Toys or bones get picked up if any issues and the dog that causes it is put in the kennel run... We had quite a few issue with our last Newf Rescue boy. In my pack all the bones and toys belong to me and as long as there is peace I "share".... I think when you have packs of dogs you become sort of tough and kind. Our only issue right now is if the non-newf tells the puppy off, the newfs might stand over her. I don't like that , so I stop that with me being there physically and Aghhh. Works for me... We have always had packs at home. From my Dad breeding GSD's to us now having newfies sometimes combined with work dogs... I believe I am their leader, I don't do the Alpha roll or anything, but I will show my displeasure and put someone away for a time. I don't care who is in first or last. I want peace and harmony. And with five bitches and one male, you have to be consistent.

    I hope you move goes well, sad that the dogs next door are not trained and obviously bored.... I hope they settle down and get used to you all
    Pets are forever

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    They are besties again this week.
    Go figure?
    I have been ensuring juice gets lots of outlet to bite her tug, using this over her ball.
    Sleeping together, romp around like loons in garden.
    Happy with 99% of behaviour.
    I do see change in body language of juice at meal times though. But completed "in yor bed" training Eli, so hes out the way, stays in bed whilst i prep food. Whilst juice is free.
    And changed meaty bones, this week to ribs that are devoured rapidly, so nothing laying around to gaurd.
    Seems sorted. No aggro for 8 days now. Fingers crossed.

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