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Thread: Ive found my training style

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    Default Ive found my training style

    Found a new to me training. Clear k9. IPO trainer/competitor Sharonika. Ive done workshop with her last yr. I loved it, Juice did not like her AT ALL.
    She now has free k9 monthly challenge: a new behaviour to train. Last month was direct and indirect rewards.
    Awaiting next with eagerness. Kinda like a club, only no B.S. like spending ages talking n setting up. Highly recommend her n this free training. You see her teach command in video n replicate training n post in your videos of practise. So you get to see how other trainers do it n picking up lots of ideas.
    I have a new pup, Juices brother. A repeat mating of dam n sire as first litter were fab.
    Whilst i generally follow IPO traing plan with my dogs, its nice having random stuff to train. Pup learnt last challenge in 4 reps. Led by his food drive to get it right!

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    Oh this the “challenge your k9”?

    I really enjoyed that video on indirect and direct rewards. It was so well designed, so clear, she defined her terms and gave multiple difficulty levels which meant I could share it with my friends.

    I did not enter the competition as I have been so distracted and undisciplined so really only progressed to level 2. But I really like being introduced to this concept of rewards and clear commands in such a way. I had seen it used before, but in ways that put me off it as “too complicated” but how she taight it was anything but.

    I enjoy it so much I’ve been reluctant to share the group too widely for fear of the “flavour” being ruined by more anti fun elitist types.

    Looking forward to her next video!

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