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Thread: New member looking for advice on Kelpie staffy cross.

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    Default New member looking for advice on Kelpie staffy cross.

    We adopted a beautiful 18 month Kelpie staffy cross (Stella) from the RSPCA. It's our first week and she has become one of the family so effortlessly that it's a little to good to be true. She has bonded with me, the only man in the house. In my defense I walk her twice a day and feed her and brought her home as a surprise to the family.
    My query is around her temperament, we only ever had labs.So this is totally new to us, and while all she has shown to me is a beautiful lovely, loyal nature. I want to do everything to ensure that she is a happy dog.
    Naturally when I told friends what I done lets just say some of them are not getting xmas card. I thought booking her into obedience classes to keep her Kelpie side active was a good idea which will be good for me as well.
    Has anybody got or have experience which this specific cross breed. Sorry about the long winded introduction.


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    I can’t comment on the crossbreed but would think that a part kelpie (therefore working) dog would be smart and therefore need things to learn so that they have a job to do. Teach the dog tricks, hide treats for the “ find “ game, weave through bollards at the park, that sort of thing. An engaged dog is a happy dog.

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    I have a kelpie and I know friends who have staffies. Both are very active breeds. Plenty of exercise both mentally and physically. Obedience training is a very good idea as is agility as both breeds can do well in these activities. Make sure that the training is reward based. She sounds like a lovely dog and has a very kelpie look about her apart from the staffy coat colour.

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    Yes, agreed. They're both active breeds and they're both smart breeds. So you'll need to keep her physically active and mentally active. Obedience is absolutely great step to working together well, and you'd both probably enjoy the more active sports. Agility, dock dogs etc.

    Also play with her, if she doesn't already know it then teaching her fetch and/or tug will be a godsend on days you can't get her out and about.

    She's beautiful.

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