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    I had some issues with Mindy jumping all over people and trying to jump over any one that walked passed her or even if they were at a distance, she would be on her hind legs trying to get there. I took her to a leather maker at the local market to get a collar fitted and with so many people she was like one of those monkeys on leash, it was a bit embarrassing for me, for me she will sit at home for me, but not out or if a visitor came, even at the dog training school, when I asked I had different instructions from different trainers.

    3 hours with a one on one training with a K9 trainer, she was beautiful, we gave a test run by walking to the football oval where there was a group of special needs children having a sports day, Mindy was fantastic, didn't even look at them. Money well spent, we start with there obedience classes on Sunday. I know it is the owner that needs the training, and It was good to sit with some one and be able to ask questions. Very impressed, such a difference in a couple of hours.

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    Great you've found a trainer who you're happy with - it makes all the difference!

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    good stuff..... well done
    Pets are forever

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