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Thread: Etiquette for husbands/wives at training?

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    Default Etiquette for husbands/wives at training?

    So went back to club sunday. Lovely to see everyone once more. And good to see progress of my dogs siblings.

    I was a little irritated by spectators, made up of partners of those who train.
    After cold morn of tracking. Members go to a cafe to defrost n discuss tracks we just did. What dog did well, not so well, tips for working on before next weeks tracking.
    Very valuable for me.
    Since i have been absent. A few new members have joined. And partners manners are shocking. 1 wife told president that he's boring. Several joined in to add an ignorant opinion or 5.
    How does your club handle disruptive visitors?
    I asked noisiest wife if i could swap seats so that i could hear tracking conversation - as i couldnt hear past her. Clearly not appreciated. She rudely told me "as its your 1st week. Perhaps i should pull my head in if i want to come next week. Wtf?
    I was very grateful that club pointed out im in my 4th year of membership. Simply took a 4 mnth break.
    But failed to explain the debriefing function of coffee break.
    Do others have etttiquette of visitors g├╣delines. We dont but im working on it now.

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    I'm unfortunately not currently involved in any dog clubs, but I just had to say that lady was incredibly rude to you!

    Lucky you could stand up for yourself. I'm not a confident person in social situations, so if I'm confronted in any way that makes me uncomfortable It will likely push me to never return.

    Hope the issue can be resolved for you!

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