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    Default New dog treat bag

    This weekend has been Christmas to us, so many new things!

    I got a new treat bag!

    It’s super big and my favourite part is the hinge that can keep it open or closed. My previous treat bags - all three of them - would pop open at inconvenient times after multiple usage. Especially when I bent over. This one seems like it would stay closed come Armageddon.

    There are two main pouches. I’m using the biggest one for main rewards and a ball. The smaller pouch is for high value items eg dried fish.

    Then on either side are mini pockets! One I have two rolls of poop bags in. The other has my clicker and (new) whistle.

    Then! Right up the back is a super flat pocket that easily takes my phone and keys! No more worrying if I forget to wear the jeans with pockets (curse you shitty women’s design companies!)

    I got it in an attractive red to match our hiking gear.

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    I have that bag too. Its nice n large n never falls open creating jackpots for jumping on bait bag lol

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