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    Hi all

    So it has been a while since I have picked a pup.
    Been in contact with the breeder and said I could take pick of any of the boys .... there are 5 one of which is slightly smaller but beautiful the other four more show prospects .. which I wouldn’t mind doing a bit for fun - but primarily he will be a family dog..

    So, have been doing some reading about finding the right pup .. but does anyone have some tips. Obviously I’ll go with breeders guidance also.. but anything I should look out for? I wanting a confidant middleman type pup - not OTT, not shy of that makes sense .

    I can meet at 4 weeks old (in about 3 weeks)

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    Time to work out what you really want to do with this new pup of yours !

    If you really want to show a pup – then I would be guided by what your breeder says !

    Sometimes breeders can pick the show ones from the pet ones – from the time they are born. Emphasis on sometimes ! Most breeders – if they want the pick of the litter wait until the litter is at least 6 weeks old or later !

    I would also say – Don’t close your mind to a little ‘Show Princess’ – if showing is the way you want to go !

    There are heaps of so-called tests you can do when pups are very young - to work out what they MAY be like as they get older – so do an internet search. This really depends on how much you know about this breed you have chosen. Also don't discount what sort of training you may/are going to give this new pup of yours !

    Good stuff that you are able to see all of the pups at 4 weeks old. Enjoy it and form a good relationship and bond with this breeder. A breeder who is registered, ethical and honest - are the only ones that I now endeavour to find !

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    Thanks !

    Breeder is keeping the one female hence the choice of boys.
    She has already mentioned one who is much like dad who I love if I want to show ... breeder has also said that she will give me all the pointers and tips for showing - but I would be up against her And pups sister AND pups 1/2 sister from another litter also recently born . BUT great breeders and so helpful, I really couldn’t ask for more.

    I’ll keep looking for some puppy tests and keep thinking re this show thing ... I don’t think I would get into it too seriously but who knows ..

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