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    I have a 10 year old chocolate Labrador that I have accidentally taught to bark at dinner time.
    When she first started to bark as I was cooking dinner I would feed her to quiet her. Now as soon as she has finished eating she sits there and barks.
    The only way I have to keep her quiet is to sit with her.
    This is not ideal as I still need to cook and eat my dinner myself.

    Any advice for stopping this would be appreciated. Ignoring doesn’t work as she keeps going and my wife just gets more upset at me.

    The dog only behaves like this when I am home. She is good for my wife

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    LOL – I did have a giggle reading this ! Don’t worry – it wasn’t at you – but the situation you have found yourself in !

    We have all done it and got the T-shirt ! I am still guilty of it ! The trouble I have is, if I laugh/giggle at something my pups do. BTW – I have 2 GSPs. Yep – you guessed what happens ! They continue on doing it ! Thank heavens I am a bit more careful now. Sometimes I allow it and other times I put a stop to it !

    What you have done is reinforced inappropriate (?) behaviour. Pup reckons you are a soft touch – but knows your wife isn’t.

    Time to find the ‘off-switch’ for this barking.

    What sort of training have you done with her ? Labs are very smart pups.

    Have a look at Kikopup’s videos on ‘stop barking’.

    Also, look at ‘behaviour interrupter’.

    All of Kikopup’s videos are excellent. Why not look at training this little girl some tricks ? Labs are very food motivated – so it should be very easy to teach her anything you want. Don’t worry about her age – just make sure the new tricks are appropriate for her age, mobility and health.

    She obviously has nothing wrong with her brain – by the fact she is still able to train you so well !

    Take care and have some fun with her ! I am sure you will have this so-called problem sorted out very quickly !

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