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    the name is STAN - my dogs name is SALEEN - she was given to us by my daughter she was in the ARMY and getting deployed so we agreed to take her - she had been married to a guy who abused her and SALEEN my daughter often says who knows what he did to her when she was deployed we got her after they devorced - she found out he had put SALEEN in a coma once he was always kicking her - when i brought her home to NY where we once lived she had such a leaving anxiety about me she had to be every where i was - now we live in NC and things have gotten bad she is now 11 yrs. and all we can guess is all the trauma that guy put her thru is now catching up with her cause it`s like she has ALZHEIMERS she runs 24-7 back and forth from gate to gate we trecently had to keep her out cause in the house at night she would constantly move around to where we couldn`t sleep she eats fine but is VERY THIN - WE LOVE HER shes just not the girl we use to know - anyway i am a VIET NAM VET am 68 yrs. old been married 47 yrs. 2 great kids - and NC is a special place hope to talk with you`ll

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    Welcome to the forum ! Heaps and Heaps of kudos to you and your family for your service to your country. I have a very soft spot in my heart for vets and service people !

    I am very sorry to read about your pup and her issues. Have you taken her to a vet lately to get her totally checked over ? If not – then that is what I would do.

    As she is 11 years old – it is quite possible that she is going through Alzheimer’s disease or has some brain injury from what happened previously to her. Take a video of her pacing, so the vet can see what you are talking about.

    Pleased to read that she eats well. No wonder she is so skinny with all the pacing she does. Why not feed her more food ?

    She sounds very stressed. A product called ‘Rescue Remedy’ may be useful. It is natural and may help. Not sure you can get it where you are – but I am sure there are similar products.

    But, I think a vet visit is the best way to start the way to find solutions to help her.

    Good Luck !

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    I wonder if crate training her would help - using the methods in Susan Garrett's "crate games" and then she might settle in the crate instead of pacing all night. Dogs love a den. My dog will sometimes choose her crate (door open) or go in the gap between the wall and the back of the sofa...

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