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Thread: Is my dog a Kelpie, or just part Kelpie?

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    Default Is my dog a Kelpie, or just part Kelpie?

    My dog is definitely at least part Kelpie. He is over 2 years old, male and around 30 pounds. I was wondering if its possible that he's just a small Kelpie or if he is mixed with something else. Any advice would be great. Thank you


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    His head looks a little bit rounder than a regular kelpie and his coat a bit shorter... Enormous ears - are common. So is a big variation in size.

    Does he really really like chasing things? Is he a super fast learner and really good at training you to do stuff for him?

    Would like to see a side on shot of him - taken from his eye level, and with something to give a sense of scale - like a milk crate or bucket.

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    Yes, at the dog park he is always chasing around larger dogs, and he loves going after tennis balls and laser pointers as well.

    His learning ability is impressive. He has figured out a way of telling me he needs to go to the bathroom, wanting food, wants my arm around him, etc. Along with this, he was able to master the 6 piece obstacle course at my local dog park in 5 days, just going for a short time each day.

    I will follow up with a side shot, thank you for your response.

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    I feel like his body/head shape is a little staffy like. Coat is shorter than your average Kelpie coat as well. Kelpies usually have a short weather protective double coat which is thicker around the neck and back legs. Your dog has a smooth coat (typical of staffies).

    My Kelpie doesn't really chase things, she herds things and is mighty good at it too, haha.

    Whatever your dog is, he's gorgeous!

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    I agree with Maddogdoge - he's got a bit of something else like staffordshire bull terrier (AKA English Staffy) or Amstaff (American Staffordshire Terrier) - to explain the rounder head and much shorter coat. Less fluff is a good thing.

    Main thing is to work at training his brain. Five minutes of training games with a play break half way through - is worth about 30 mins of exericse I reckon. Any trick training that amuses you will do - but try to pick one thing to work on per session.

    What kinds of things are in the 6 piece obstacle course? There's ways of making that stuff more interesting. I think Susan Garrett is currently running a workshop on Facebook with a view to signing up people to her online Agility training thing called H360.

    eg if one of your obstacles is an A frame or dog walk - you can teach your dog to back up it - by way of strengthening muscles. You teach "back up" first...

    If there are poles - you can weave them or wrap them (loop all the way around) - note weaves and wrapping - are very hard on the shoulders so keep those sessions very short - eg 30 seconds is more than enough - then go something else.

    Jumps can be jump long, jump short and turn tight, left or right, 90' turn or 180 turn, with or without you going with him (all that counts as about 12 different tricks)...

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