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Thread: My dog is acting very strange - behaviour wise

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    Exclamation My dog is acting very strange - behaviour wise

    Hi all,

    First post on here and i'm just looking for some advice on our staffy. He is 4 this month and has all of a sudden been acting out.
    We have been living in our house for 2 1/2 years and now he's started trying to get out. He managed to push through the corner of our garage door and squeeze through about a 15cm wide gap while scratching his face on the metal. We put a latch on there so he wouldn't be able to do it again and he some how opened the latch and got out, so we built a wall in the garage with a standard door. My partner came home today to find that the new door has been badly scratched as if he was trying to get out again and also on the side fences where we put bamboo lining so he couldn't jump out, has tried to be ripped off.

    It's very unlike him to be like this. He is walked often, we have another dog as well and he has toys. He also sleeps inside with us so i'm not sure that it's to do with not getting attention or being bored.

    Does anyone have any suggestions why he would be acting like this or what we can do to stop him?

    Thanks in advance!

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    First question - Is he de-sexed ?

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    Is there a snake in the garage? Have kids been banging on the fence? Have you had some big thunderstorms recently? Can you set up a camera to see?

    have you done a vet check including getting stress test on the blood - you probably want to make the appointment for after he's been in the shed for a while.

    can you keep him out of the garage? I hate when people lock their dog in the garage - tin shed - and then go out. The noise is amplified... for the dog and for us.

    You might want to check by driving out as if you're going to work or whatever and then park around the corner and walk back to see what he's like or when you're coming home - park up the street and walk back because the dog can hear your car come in and is probably happy not upset by the time you get to see him.

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    Makes me wonder if someone is frightening the dog when you are not there.
    Pets are forever

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