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    I am going to be getting a new puppy soon and have decided on these two breeds (so far)
    I'm a university student with plenty of time on my hands. Basically i want a strong, bold but calm breed , that can be social with other dogs. I like to go camping with my family and friends so sociability is a must however i'm aware that comes down to basically how he/she has been raised. I run atleast 5km everyday so giving the dog adequate exercise is no real issue. I am somewhat experienced with large powerful dog breeds having owned Labradors and Malamutes in the past.

    What I like about the ridgeback:
    -its looks
    -given the breeds history i am assuming it is probably more dog sociable then the rottweiler (generally)
    -Short coat (i have a lot of time on my hands but still can't get my head around giving the dog 1 hour of grooming each day)
    - health
    what I am concerned about:
    -being a sighthound i am worried about taking the dog camping where it may lock on to something and never comeback . (might be a stupid point)
    - hyper-activeness? I've heard mixed opinions about what they are like at home after given proper excersise
    - trainability ; after owning malamutes I'm not too concerned about this one (lol) but thought id throw it up there nevertheless.

    What i like about the Rottweiler:
    -It's appearnce ( best looking breed imo)
    - calm , laid back and loyal approach
    -ease of training
    What i'm concerned about:
    -Sociability with other dogs
    -grooming , longer coat . How much brushes per week?
    - 5km runs?
    -How will it handle 35degree days with water and shade only , no aircon(camping on the murray. i do have aircon at home :'))?

    there's obviously more i like about each breed but they are the main points .
    and i'm still in the early stages so by all means tell me if you think there's a better breed worth looking at.

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    Both breeds you like are large breed dogs and need very careful management and limited exercise until they are done growing ie about 18 months old or you run the risk of damaging their joints.

    You want to see written documentation from the breeder of your choice about the health of the parent dogs as both breeds have a number of hereditary problems. Ridgebacks - some lines have a problem with going blind... and both breeds have hip joint problems in some lines. Do lots of research on this before you choose your breeder.

    Main problem I've found camping anywhere near the murray - is the mozzies... and the snakes... and sometimes the yobbos.

    If you can train malamutes not to nick off you won't have a problem with either of these breeds.

    Both dogs can be aggressive toward other dogs and humans - sometimes it's in the lines and sometimes it's how they're raised - essentially trained by ****s to be ****s.

    Ridgebacks - most of them are everybody's friend until some small yappy thing stuffs that up. Rotties - mostly they are everybody's friend when out but you better get permission before coming in their yard... Ridgebacks might be like that too but I've never met one "at home".

    About the only dogs I can think of that would cope well with only shade might be the desert dogs... A lot of farm dogs get used to it but they will run till they die of heat exhaustion.

    Dogs with undercoats can actually be better off (insulated) against heat than just short short coat dogs. But those are good questions for the breeders.

    dogs I've seen that enjoy going for a long run - all the popular farm dogs... and dogs like viszla, german short haired pointers, tollers, standard poodles, and some of the terriers. I have read a story about someone who trained their cavalier king charles spaniels to do endurance (16km runs) but I'm thinking this is probably a bad idea.

    dogs I've seen not enjoying going for a long run are usually old or fat or both. A lot of Labs and golden retrievers in this group.

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    I actually have a cross breed called Ruby.
    And she is actually a ridgeback crossed with a Rottweiler!

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    I have more experience with Ridgebacks having dog-sat quite a few. They like to get in your personal space and can be velcro and the ones that I have known have all been gentle personable dogs.

    I have known a couple if nice gentle rotties but I have also had some not so good experiences with them. I had one attack my dog while out walking and one savagely killed my friends toy poodle out on a walk so they are a breed I personally avoid. They also have a higher rate of health issues like hip and elbow dysplaisias and cancer so getting one from a good healthy line with great temperaments would be my priority with that breed.

    Just make sure your homework and find an excellent breeder.

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