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Thread: Patch is limping, help

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    Patch is limping this morning - he was playing / wrestling with the other dog and must have got hurt. He is holding up his front left paw / leg. He won't put his leg / paw down. I've felt all over his leg and paw and he did not react but he won't walk on it and is limping. I don't think he is in pain (ie he is not crying but he is feeling very sorry for himself and won't come when called.

    Any ideas? Should I take him to the vet?

    thank you

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    Poor Patch. My rule of thumb is: if after 24 hours of quiet relaxing after a non serious injury, the dog is still limping, go to the vet.

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    I usually heavily restrict activity (Crating and leash walks) for about 3-5 days and then consider the vet if things haven't either resolved or improved greatly. That is unless I know its really serious then it is straight to the vet.
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    Thank you so much Kalacreek and Thristle for your help. I was really worried and was planning to take him to the vet today but I'll wait and see.

    He is still feeling sorry for himself and he wouldn't get up to eat this morning so I had to bring his food to him and carry him (he's heavy!) outside to go to the toilet and giving him treats to see if he will eat (he does!)

    He is still limping but he appears better - he just tried to race outside to bark at the dogs walking past our house.

    Thanks again - your comments have eased my worries.

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    Tell Patch not to race outside to bark at dogs! Keep it going easy, hopefully just feeling a bit tender with no damage. But if it goes on too long, go have that vet visit.

    (*or if patch keeps injuring by racing around)

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    Just a quick update - Patch has stopped limping.
    Thank you Kalacreek & Thistle you saved me a trip to the vet.

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    Awesome! Keep taking it easy another day, just to make sure all is good

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