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Thread: Bones (no, Not the Hot Chick on TV)

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    Default Bones (no, Not the Hot Chick on TV)

    Hi Cool Pooch People,

    I just wanted to ask about people's choice or preferences about bones (real bones I mean) .. I know there's a thousand different stories around the subject (and have read about the same) but I really value the opinion of you smart folk and thought it would be a good one to put out there ....

    My 2 pooches are small staffies in size .. 15-17kg. So would love to hear what you think.

    Thanking you for your time and interaction ..
    Lola n Zep

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    Hey Lovely Lola & handsome Zep...

    Seeing as you are Staffords like Floydy boy & im guessing that you 2 dont chew your food much, but rather scoff it down, so i'm going to tell you what i prefer to feed to big bum Floyd

    Floyd has only raw lamb neck bones as they are soft bones like cartilage, less likely to damage teeth, cause bowel blockage or cuts, constipation etc.

    I feed him raw chook necks ( freeze in summer as a treat), but not chook wings or carcass as he dont chew them, just scoffs down & i dont want to take the risk of him choking on chook bones or sharp wing bit cutting hes throat or bowels etc...

    I never leave Floyd alone with bones or food, i keep an eye on him while he's eating/ destroying them......i regrettably made that mistake with Zeppelin, gave him a raw lamb shank while i wasn't home, came home to find him with bleeding from bum, a chunk of lamb shank had pierced he's bowel, so off to vet for internal stitching to bowel etc, lesson learnt & now i'm over precautions & only i make up he's meals & feed him, no ones is permitted to feed my dog anything... my motto is better safe than sorry from now on.
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    My dogs get chicken necks and beef bones (small cuts for the little dog..big knuckles for Candy). The butcher can cut marrow bones down the middle if you ask them
    I'm toooo scared to feed them chicken frames or wings.

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    NJ and Charlie get chicken necks 3 a day. Lamb bones or Beef bone's like Candy the Knuckles, Only one of them day. I feed them the chook frames But the chook man minces them up for me and once a month a roo tail or cow leg bone cut down the middle.

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    If you can find them, turkey necks are great too- just like chicken necks except about 3x the size. Ziggy loves them, I think she would only eat them if we let her.

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    We do them all LOL

    He gets either a small lamb brisket bone/neck/ribs, chicken necks/wing/drumstick, or chicken carcass for or with dinner (Depending how meaty the bone is)

    Tonight is a small piece of lamb brisket bone with 1 & 1/2 lamb hearts. Yesterday was a chicken carcass with a small handfull of chicken breast off cuts. Night before that chicken carcass stuffed left over with roasted chicken breast! (He thought he was in heaven night before last with the 'stuffed carcass!' very gourmet! LOL)

    He also gets a BIG 'just for fun' knuckle bone every sunday, but hes pretty over it by Sunday night after he has ripped all the meat off, i usually end up chucking it out half way during the week after i have tripped over it a few times in the back yard!

    I also get him turkey drumsticks as a treat only every few months (Turkey is very rich in fat and have heard bad for the pancreas so dont do it often and trim the skin/fat first) He's eyes light up when he sees that turkey leg, I imagine him thinking HMMM BIG CHICKEN! Wheres the rest of it! YUM!

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    I normally roast lamb leg every fortnight. After I get all the meat out, I give my little pekingese, BoJi, the big bone in the middle. And I didn't put salt the lamb leg. I only rub the oil and fine rosemary on the lamb leg. He loves it. I found it works better. I tried to get a dog bone for him before (which is a lamb bone). He still loves it but he has the raw meaty smell. I don't really like that.

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    I've heard a lot of people talk about feeding their dogs chicken necks, just wondering if it would be alright to start feeding my 3 mth old mini schnauzer these??


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    Speaking of 'the hot chick' from Bones, apparently she's Zooey Deschanel's sister.
    Education not Legislation

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    I have just started feeding chook feet, thoughts anyone

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