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Thread: Bones (no, Not the Hot Chick on TV)

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    well its not my preference as Tilly is the one that eats em lol
    but she loves bones, usually the stuff you can get cheap from the butchers or whatever. But some times she'll get beef bones and others I think she's even had deer because we have a guy that gives us deer meat after he's gone shooting. But yeah Tilly loves bones, she hasn't had them cooked though can you give a dog cooked bones? I can't remember lol

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    Hi Nessie

    It's generally not a good idea to give a dog cooked bones because they are more brittle and prone to making sharp splinters which do ugly expensive things to dog guts.

    I give my puppy dog roo jerky from time to time - no bones to splinter and keeps her occupied for a little while.

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    Great question... just a quick tip:
    (sorry if this has already been said) Always make sure the bones are not cooked before you give them to your dog

    Otherwise they may splinter, and trust me - you don't want that!

    Busta the apricot poodle x spaniel

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