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On the subject of raw diets; If you're clever about it it's actually cheaper than store bought kibble and canned food. Just need to foster a good relationship with local butchers and you're set!
Our local butcher sells raw chicken and beef mince for $2 per kilo, which is an amazing price. They also sell chicken frames, two for ~$1.50. We are lucky to have access to this! There's a chicken specialty shop at our local shopping centre which sells chicken frames, a rack is the minimum you can buy which is 14 chicken frames, and it's like 10 dollars or something. But we don't have the freezer space, sadly. Amazing deals are to be had if you investigate.
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Without knowing ALL the details and being able to see it for myself I'd agree that the sudden shock and change to routine has lead to this. Get things back to the way they were and you'll be all be fine. Really important that all humans are on the same wave length and singing the same song too. This about this ... Kids screaming and laughing and carrying on, Mum: "I've told you kids not to play with balls in the house!" Kids: "But DAD let's us!" Mum; "I don't care what Dad says; I'm telling you not to" Dad "Oh crap ... I told you kids not to tell your mother!" Dad: "I know, I know dear, I'm sleeping on the couch tonight"
You're absolutely right, we think. It's just a compounding of changes that they had to deal with. I think their anxiety is lessening though, so that's good.
That's another good point, we need to unify our efforts. Thanks!