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Thread: Sudden fights after 1+ year of peace! HELP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatewetsocks View Post
    On the subject of raw diets; If you're clever about it it's actually cheaper than store bought kibble and canned food. Just need to foster a good relationship with local butchers and you're set!
    Our local butcher sells raw chicken and beef mince for $2 per kilo, which is an amazing price. They also sell chicken frames, two for ~$1.50. We are lucky to have access to this! There's a chicken specialty shop at our local shopping centre which sells chicken frames, a rack is the minimum you can buy which is 14 chicken frames, and it's like 10 dollars or something. But we don't have the freezer space, sadly. Amazing deals are to be had if you investigate.
    Quote Originally Posted by ihatewetsocks View Post
    Without knowing ALL the details and being able to see it for myself I'd agree that the sudden shock and change to routine has lead to this. Get things back to the way they were and you'll be all be fine. Really important that all humans are on the same wave length and singing the same song too. This about this ... Kids screaming and laughing and carrying on, Mum: "I've told you kids not to play with balls in the house!" Kids: "But DAD let's us!" Mum; "I don't care what Dad says; I'm telling you not to" Dad "Oh crap ... I told you kids not to tell your mother!" Dad: "I know, I know dear, I'm sleeping on the couch tonight"
    You're absolutely right, we think. It's just a compounding of changes that they had to deal with. I think their anxiety is lessening though, so that's good.
    That's another good point, we need to unify our efforts. Thanks!

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    Hey everyone, here's an update on our situation because I can tell some of you are very interested and engaged in what makes dogs tick, so this will prove you guys right I think. This thread helped A LOT.

    New rules for dog care in our house
    1. Twice daily feeding
    2. Raw meat with a little kibble
    3. Minimum one morning play, 40 minutes, and a few short afternoon/evening plays with the hose and fetch in the back yard, walks as often as possible which is a few times a week (ankle injury flaring up, I'm hoping it's back to normal soon)
    4. Dogs go in crates when they fight, crates are not in view of each other, no harsh words or tones used
    5. When dogs are inside, they are to be in their crates for a large percentage of the day, slowly increasing as their fights lessen. This was recommended advice from our behaviourist, he said it will reduce their connection to humans slightly, and calm them down.
    6. Give Tigga (aggressor/dominant) praise and attention when Luna comes back into the house or when they join together
    7. Separate for at least an hour after feeding

    We think things are getting better. Their fights are lessening in duration, it's getting easier to pull Tigga away from Luna, and he stops barking much quicker. They are still having a fight a day roughly, maybe less, but they aren't as loud or as severe. I think the thing that's calmed them down the most is we're back in the routine we were in before I left to visit family - morning plays, twice daily feeds, raw food. I hope things calm down to normal soon as it's slightly exhausting having to watch them all the time to be aware of possible problems arising. THANK YOU to everyone who commented! I'll update a bit more as things progress.

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    that's a good update.

    I would be looking to prevent the opportunity to start/have a fight for a while - if you can. That would be better than putting them in the crates "after the fight". I'd rather they never got started.

    Which might mean they never get to be loose together in the place where the fights most often happen (eg the couch room where the crates are - I think that's the place?). Take one in - put in crate, then take the other in - put in crate.

    Then use each dog as distraction training for the other. Play a short "shaping game" eg can we leave a bowl of cookies on the floor alone (cover it up with your hand if dog tries to steal)... while the other dog is in the crate (cookies for that dog for remaining calm - at the back of the crate away from the action to encourage chilling there.

    Have a short play session at the end of the training session then put one dog away and get the other one out.

    Train/shape anything you like - shake hands, High five, nose touch, sit-drop-stand-sit-stand-drop-stand, roll over (if there is room) etc.

    Each session should be no more than 2 minutes. Probably don't want to have more than two or three sessions at a time (with play breaks between) - stuff like guessing what we have to do to get the treat - is really hard.

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    Luna is a 1 year, 2-3 month blue heeler/whippet/mix....

    You can micromanage the dogs in the house, but I don't believe that it will solve the problem. It is very likely that due to the genes Luna has a much higher energy level than Tigga. Consequently she needs a job and perhaps 5 times the workout Tigga needs, especially considering her current age. I recall the OP mentioned somewhere in the thread that the dogs are fine outside, that might be the hint indicating the real cause of the problems. If the blue heeler in her is not worked out to its full capacity, she will become an annoyance in the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briguyman View Post

    ... They get a lot of exercise, at least one 30 minute intense fetch play a day, sometimes two, and always a hose play in the side yard.

    It needs to be considered that for a dog from a herding line that's just a warm up. They can cover up to 40 km in 1 working day! And they have been bred for doing so. I do this (30 minutes warm up) with my dog (BC-herding line) before agility training, or obedience training, and if the weather is fine she might get another 30 minutes free running with other dogs after the official training. If she has less exercise (e.g. when I'm away for work) she is full of beans.

    You can easily find out how her behaviour changes when you ramp up the exercise / work outs.

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