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    My 13 year old Staffy x Ridgeback suffered what was likely a stroke one week ago. We didn't have an MRI because we didn't want to put her through a general anaesthetic, but our local vet and the specialist at SASH seem quite confident that it was a stroke.

    So far, she's recovering quite well - she's walking - albeit with a lean to the left and sporadic inability to turn left - and some confusion. Her appetite is good, not what it once was, but she's eating well.

    My main concern is that she goes through these bouts of whimpering during which she gets agitated and upset. I don't think she's in pain, but I'm not certain. I think it's more likely a case that she's confused or nauseous.

    Has anyone else had any experiences of dogs suffering strokes? I could really use some hope right now.


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    Hi 'iron-nails' - I am really very sorry to read this about your precious pup. It is always hard to see things like this happening to our pups.

    I am sure you have been burning up the ‘internet highways and byways’ to try and find info on what has happened to your pup and how to help her.

    I do not have personal experience with strokes in pups – so, sorry I can’t help you there.

    But, I did have a look around myself. The following is just some information I have found and some suggestions for you to look at.

    Please make sure your vet agrees with any changes you want to make to your pup’s diet and/or any treatments you may wish to start.

    ‘Golden Paste’ – includes Turmeric that is mentioned in the above link. Turmeric also acts as an anti-inflammatory - so if she is in pain – this would help her.

    There is a Facebook called – Turmeric User Group Uk. This is a closed group, so you will have to ask to join. This is where you will find the ‘Golden Paste’ recipe – but all of the posts are very informative. The group is also a really nice, friendly and supportive group.

    So, maybe ask the group if they have had any experience with pups that have had strokes and if they found ‘Golden Paste’ helped.

    LOL – Sorry – but I seem to be only able to post 3 links in a post – so I am on my limit now ! You will have to find the links yourself.

    Ask your vet about the benefits of Vit B3, Vit K1 and Vit K2 and as to whether these vitamins would assist your pup.

    Also, ask your vet whether going to a raw diet would be a good idea. I don’t know what you are feeding her now – but getting rid of kibble would be a great idea.

    Have a look at – Vets All Natural – website. It has heaps of really good info on raw feeding.

    Another excellent FB page is called – The Raw Feeding Community. It is also a closed group – but has excellent info regarding raw feeding.

    I would also suggest that you look at ‘Rescue Remedy’. It is very useful for pups that get stressed/worried and may calm her down. You can even take it yourself.

    Heaps of Good Luck Wishes to you both !
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    Strange about the link limit Riley...

    Puppy? a 13 yo puppy?

    My brother's staffy cross had a stroke and she got all wobbly and had a head tilt but she lived quite a few more years after and was quite happy. I don't think he changed anything. She was just old.

    I would try some trick training or just run through the things she used to know. Another dog I know of had a bit of probably a brain injury and that's how they got her back to normal - she knew heaps of stuff so they just worked with that - re learning it.

    If it was a stroke - what is affected will depend where the bleed was. Is her sense of smell or hearing or taste affected? Balance? Response to cues (verbal or signals?), how is she responding to visual things, or touch?

    For me - I have to consider quality of life and prospect of it improving. Which is I guess where you're at now.

    Can she toilet ok? In the right places? Is she still enthusiastic about food? Can she find her own dinner bowl? What would the vet do now if it was their dog? (always a good question).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    Strange about the link limit Riley...
    Puppy? a 13 yo puppy?
    I get this message when I try to post more than 3 links:

    Access to this resource on the server is denied!

    Try it yourself ! This has only been happening since the supposed up-grade.

    No, I didn’t say ‘puppy’ – I said ‘pup’ – there is a big difference ! Riley, who will be turning 10 this year – is still a pup to me !

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    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, an MRI revealed something far more sinister at work and we let her take the Big Sleep on Thursday as she had rapidly deteriorated. I take solace in that she did not suffer and lived a long, happy and very fulfilling life, but I miss her greatly, my home seems so empty now.

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    OMG - 'iron-nails' - I am so very sorry to read your very sad news !

    Please look after yourself, be kind to yourself and take care !

    It is never easy to lose a special pup !

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