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    Red face Canine nutrition courses

    hello All , I was wondering if anyone has done an animal or more specifically a canine nutrition course with any of the providers in Australia. I've looked at NCTM and HATO and some others, but would really like to know if anyone has done any courses through these organisations and what they thought of them.

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    I haven't done one but am looking at doing one. Not sure which one I'd go for though. It's a tough choice!

    There's a FB group called 'Australian raw feeding community' and they often discuss pet nutrition courses on there, quite a few people have done them.

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    I did one for RAW Feeders online, years ago.... tried to find the info, but the bookmark says "page unavailable"

    I think it is always great to learn.
    Pets are forever

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    thankyou for the info, I will have a look at the facebook page.

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